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5th March 2019 | Childcare

A new childcare model is needed if lone parents are to be truly supported: Greens


Today a report by the Society of St Vincent de Paul revealed that poverty among working lone parents has more than doubled over a five-year period up to 2017.

Responding to this, Green Party Spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs Pauline O’Reilly said:

“A new childcare model is needed if lone parents are to be truly supported.

With lone parents 5 times more likely to be at risk of deprivation than two-parent families in Ireland State-funded childcare is the only way to go.

“Of those who cannot access childcare 60% of lone parents say this is due to cost. Those engaged in work are also often in low paid work in order to fit work around family commitments.

“A model such as that in Finland, which brings childcare under the remit of the State rather than private operators and provides parents with financial support to stay at home or to use childminders, would be far more effective.

“Children cannot feed, clothe or put a roof over their own heads and as a nation we must now ensure that they are not left out in the cold. Although all other groups have recovered to pre-crash levels of financial security, lone parent families are less well-off than 2007.

“We are calling on the government to truly examine the folly of putting more and more money in to a lukewarm affordable childcare scheme rather than building our own childcare scheme”.