25th October 2018 | Housing, Press Releases

Action on Short-term Lettings is Too little Too Late, Variation of Development Plan Now Needed


Minister’s proposals do not go far enough and will not be in effect until next July

Green Party Councillors today stated that the minister’s announcement of action on AirBnB and other similar platforms does not address the full issue of short-term lettings, including the high volume of ‘Apart-Hotels’ being built in Dublin City displacing residential developments. The Green Party on Dublin City Council has proposed changes to the City Development Plan – the planning rules of Dublin City –  to prevent any further short-term occupancy residential units in the city.

Green Party Spokesperson for Social Protection, Councillor Patrick Costello: “We have been calling for action on abuse of AirBnB and similar platforms for some time, so this is a broadly welcome move. However, the reality is that this will not affect apartment-style hotels which are eating up development land across this city and do not address the housing needs of Dubliners.”

Green Party Spokesperson for Arts and Culture, Councillor Claire Byrne: “All we seem to be building is hotels and student accommodation. We are running out of space to provide long term housing for our citizens. There is a crisis in affordability and availability of housing in Dublin. In looking at granted planning permissions, it is clear that very little housing is actually being built. The minister has done nothing on this, which is why we are pushing to amend the development plan.”

Green Party Spokesperson for Transport and Cities, Councillor Ciarán Cuffe: “Short-term rentals are stealing the city’s soul. They eviscerate communities and remove homes for long-term rental. This must stop and the Green Party is proposing practical measures to tackle this. A balance must be struck between catering for tourists and protecting communities. Currently the balance is skewed in favour of short-term rentals.”