6th July 2021 | Press Releases

Almost 600 new social and affordable homes demonstrate influence of Greens in Government – Cllr Claire Byrne



Almost 600 new social and affordable homes demonstrate influence of Greens in Government – Cllr Claire Byrne

Cllr Claire Byrne today (July 6) said that the impact of the Green Party in Government was again demonstrated after the Cabinet’s decision to approve the construction of almost 300 new cost-rental homes in Shanganagh Castle, Shankill, Co.Dublin. This is as part of a wider commitment to develop 597 new social and affordable homes.

Speaking as part of her closing comments on the Dublin Bay South (DBS) byelection at Dublin Castle, Cllr. Claire Byrne said;

“The Green Party was the first party in Ireland to champion the cost rental model and now that we are in Government we are seeing it become a reality. I am passionate about making Dublin a city for living again, a city that people can afford to live in again. Electing me to the Dáil on Thursday will help ensure the delivery of similar crucial projects – such as the Irish Glass Bottle site – which will offer secure and affordable homes in Dublin Bay South and help bring an end to our housing crisis.

“I’m asking people on Thursday to make their vote count. We are now dealing with a climate crisis, a housing crisis and public health crisis. You can send all the signals you want to government by voting for opposition candidates, but signals don’t build houses, signals don’t take climate action, and signals won’t steer us out of the Covid crisis. These are things the Greens in government are doing and the best signal voters can send this week is that they want a progressive female voice in government; someone who can actually deliver, and deliver quickly.”

Green Party Leader and Minister for Transport and for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, said the party had also achieved another goal today after the cabinet agreed to adopt the use of wellbeing indicators to measure the progress of society and the country;

“Instead of simply relying on income as we did in the past, we will use wellbeing indicators such as health, housing and the environment to assess how we are doing as a country.”

“I’m asking the voters in DBS to vote for Claire Byrne this Thursday to give us additional strength in Government to ensure further progressive policies are implemented over the next four years.”

Green Party Deputy Leader and Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin TD, added;

“Claire has a long track record of delivering in her community. She is the only candidate in this election with the breadth of experience to actually hit the ground running. We need a female representative for Dublin Bay South again and Claire is the progressive Green voice that we need to strengthen priorities on climate, housing and culture in this Government.”