7th December 2011 | Uncategorised

An old fashioned Fianna Fail Budget relying on property tax breaks to stimulate growth


Statement By Eamon Ryan

“It took the previous three budgets to clear out all the old property tax breaks but they are now back with a bang. Fine Gael and Labour don’t have any sense as to how a new economy might evolve, instead the Construction Industry Federation is back at the helm.”

“One announcement that fills me with fear if the statement that the Minister of Finance is going to take up emergency powers so he can issue directions to the NAMA board. The protection from political interference that was stitched into the NAMA legislation could now be circumvented by the new political committee that the Minister is going to give power over the agency.”

“The regressive measures in motor taxation and household charges as well as the new property tax breaks are all the work of this Government and cannot be blamed on the Trokia or anyone else. Instead of following the independent advice that came from the Taxation Commission this Government seems to be taking their line from the traditional lobby groups. They have delivered a budget that Charlie Haughey or Bertie Ahern would have been proud of.”