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7th December 2011 | Uncategorised

Back to the future budget speech from Noonan


Commenting immediately after the Minister for Finance delivered his first budget speech, Green Party Finance spokesperson Mark Dearey has characterised it as “an old fashioned cave in to the big lobbies.”
“You look at winners and losers after any budget speech and definitely in the winners enclosure this time are rental and speculative property owners,” Dearey said, “the solid fuel sector, the pensions industry and a farming lobby that sees environmental responsibility as an afterthought”

Continuing, Dearey accused both Ministers Howlin and Noonan of piecemeal and ineffective measures that will do nothing to promote social cohesion and sustainable economic development.
“In the programme for government Fine Gael and Labour left themselves with few options by the nature of their commitments on income tax and welfare. With this budget they have now compounded the problem.”

“At a time when radical solutions are possible and there is public appetite for change, the Government has flunked the chance to integrate welfare and tax codes, to deliver progressive and fair measures such as ending excesses in the pension tax relief scheme, and turning a blind eye to the unsustainable Section 23 tax break.”

So having looked after their sacred cows, Labour and Fine Gael have dropped a VAT bomb