21st May 2020 | Foreign Affairs, Press Releases

Brexit talks must not risk essential protections

The Green Party has reacted to the latest round of Brexit talks with concern that core EU standards to protect consumers, the environment and workers could be endangered in efforts to secure an agreement with the UK.

Green Party Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Senator Pauline O’Reilly commented:

“Frustrations may be heightened but we haven’t crossed the final furlong when it comes to Brexit. Our task as the European Union, and particularly from an Irish perspective, is to ensure that there is a level playing field that prevents environmental and human rights standards being kicked to the curb for the competitive advantage of some.

“It protects our economy when we are all playing by the same rules. I believe that the citizens of our respective countries expect protections to be in place for the most vulnerable in all trade deals, including those negotiated with Britain”.