8th October 2019 | Uncategorised

Budget 2020 leaves us vulnerable in the event of a no-deal Brexit – Greens


Responding to Budget 2020, Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD said:

“This Government are using the uncertainty around Brexit to hide the financial mismanagement which they have overseen during their time in office.

“The Government’s use of corporation tax receipts to paper over budgetary overruns in health has left the state not nearly as well prepared as it could be for Brexit. In the context of a possible downturn if there is a no-deal Brexit, government has left us extremely vulnerable by not managing the state’s finances properly.

“The scandals around the massively inflating costs of the National Children’s Hospital, and the National Broadband Plan have shown that the government’s management of large-scale projects is woefully inadequate.”

Read our 2020 pre-budget submission here.