8th October 2019 | Climate Change, Community, Economy, Press Releases

Budget 2020 prioritises business over quality of life – Greens


Responding to Budget 2020’s social protection measures, Green Party Finance spokesperson Neasa Hourigan said:

“As we face into a period of economic uncertainty our hopes for this budget was to make progress on the climate crisis while improving the lives of those on the lowest incomes. Fine Gael have instead chosen to funnel money to allow hauliers to sidestep the carbon tax and increase inheritance thresholds for the wealthiest.

“Vulnerable groups, those with disabilities and on social welfare, rural communities and families experiencing homelessness will suffer the most from rising food, housing and energy costs yet this government continues to prioritise business over the quality of our lives.

“Where is the large-scale housing retrofit scheme so desperately needed? Where is a vision for public transport across and in every part of the country?
“This is a meek, ineffectual budget just at a time when Irish people are taking to the streets and lifting up their voices for change.”

Read our 2020 pre-budget submission here.