Budget 2020 won’t ‘move the dial’ on climate breakdown - Greens - Green Party

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8th October 2019 | Climate Change, Economy, Press Releases

Budget 2020 won’t ‘move the dial’ on climate breakdown – Greens


Responding to Budget 2020’s climate action measures, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said:

“This is a status quo budget from a status quo government. When it comes to really tackling climate breakdown it is the measures other than carbon tax that are crucial, and this budget gives us very little. When it comes to the big spending decisions, all it does is tread water.

“We won’t move the dial on climate breakdown without a major change of our transport system, without reforming farming and forestry, and without a large and sustained investment in making our homes and buildings much warmer and more efficient.

“Even the government’s approach to the carbon tax missed the chance to increase it in a progressive way. It does not protect the vulnerable as well as the tax and dividend approach we had suggested. This would have been the best way of protecting people on the lowest incomes as was demonstrated by analysis from the ESRI and the Saint Vincent de Paul.”

Read our 2020 pre-budget submission here.