Improving Building Standards


What Happens When You Buy A Defective Home?

Imagine if you put all your savings into finally buying a home and then you find out it is defective. Your home has a major issue that you could not have known about when buying. What would you do?

Well, you’d go back to the person or company who sold it to you, of course. But what happens when the responsibility lies with a developer that went bust in the Celtic Tiger and there is no one to go to? Or what happens when it needs to go through long legal proceedings and in the meantime, your living conditions are a danger to your health and others. Surely you would expect some assistance from the government?

Around the country, there are so many homeowners and families living in defective buildings through absolutely no fault of their own. They are facing the stress of large bills (in some cases up to €30,000) for fixing the defects and often living in unsafe conditions because they can’t afford to fix them. This government can not turn a blind eye to such a horrendous public health issue and such an injustice. Yet, despite continual calls for action by the Green Party for the government to abide by a Dáil committee’s report to give these homeowners support in their distress, nothing has been done.

Watch Catherine Martin TD ask the government why nothing is been done.

Our motion on Building Standards

On the 22nd of June 2017, the Dáil passed a Green Party motion calling on the government to introduce legislation to help those who have been effected by defective buildings, and to introduce new standards for construction. We will continue to press the government to introduce this legislation as a matter of urgency, but we need your help.

What Can You Do?

We need your support to keep the pressure up on your representatives to introduce these reforms.

Contact your TDs asking them to take action to ensure the government tackles this problem urgently.

Read our Building Standards motion:

Motion on Building StandardsMotion on Building Standards