A Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin


Let Dublin Vote!

Imagine if Dublin had a Mayor who was answerable to the people of our city. This person could be accountable for all the services our city should provide, such as transport, housing, city culture, & community development. The executive powers associated with a directly elected mayor could really help with solving our current crisis in housing and the increasing crisis in transport. If they didn’t get it right they wouldn’t be elected again. It’s a tried and tested method for creating well-run and great cities across the world.

In London, the Mayor’s term of office is 4 years. In Dublin, an unelected Lord Mayor’s term is 12 months, with little power to make change

Sound like a really good idea? Well, in 2016 the Green Party tabled a Bill in the Oireachtas to do just that. Now it’s 2018 and nothing has happened. The government have said they are in favour of the proposal but they have done nothing to make progress in legislating for or arranging this important plebiscite.


What would a directly elected Mayor do?

Our proposal would establish the position of Mayor as a coordinating executive position between the four Dublin Local Authorities, as head of a new Regional Authority for Dublin. They would be responsible for the overall strategy for key policy areas in Dublin, including:

  • Land-use management
  • Transport
  • Waste management
  • Water services

Beyond the Pale

The Green Party also wants to introduce directly elected Mayors in other cities around the country such as Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Galway and Kilkenny. We want to give real power to someone who can be held accountable to the electorate, rather than senior council officials who have no democratic mandate.


What can I do?

We need your support to make a directly elected Mayor a reality.

Contact your local TDs to ask them to support the Green Party’s legislation.

Read the full text of our Bill here:

Mayor of Dublin Bill 2016Mayor of Dublin Bill 2016