Towards 2020: A Decade of Change



Ireland’s transport system suffers from chronic under-investment in public transport and decades of car-centric urban sprawl. Congestion is costing millions of euros every year and this is projected to rise to over €2bn per year.

Because of our dysfunctional housing policy, huge numbers of people are forced to live further and further away from their places of work or education, which creates more congestion as well as social inequality and isolation. If we are to address the challenge of decarbonising our economy while improving the lives of our citizens, we need to dramatically alter the direction of national transport policy.

Our approach emphasises public transport for the public good and shared transport options that use less energy than individual cars or other vehicles and improve the well-being of commuters. The availability of public transport for activities not connected with work also serves to create stronger, vibrant local communities.

Investing in our transport system is the opportunity of a generation to deliver quality of life and tackle climate change. The Green Party will overhaul Ireland’s fragmented transport system, making public transport a real option for the vast majority of people, in both urban and rural settings, and ending our reliance on fossil fuels.