Our Pre-Budget Submission 2020


As the Government prepares to announce the first budget of a new decade – the decade we want to make into the ‘climate action decade’ – all signs are that their budget will fail once again to set us on the path to the kind of transformative action we so desperately need, for climate, for biodiversity, and also for a just society.

This is something the Government has proved time and time again they just don’t get.

Last week we outlined our alternative proposals for Budget 2020, calling for:

  • A €1.1bn package to address the climate and biodiversity crisis, including: €475m for sustainable transport, €100m for afforestation and €75m for organic farming.
  • A €300m investment in education and a further €275m for parents through a raise in the Increase for a Qualified Child (IQC).
  • A €300m fund for the provision of cost rental housing and invest €200m for a major retrofit programme.

Watch below highlights from our pre-budget submission press conference, or read our full proposal here.

Announcing our proposed €1.1 billion investment in creating a low carbon economy, our Finance Spokesperson Neasa Hourigan says this is a move to a new, circular economy which puts quality of life and the welfare of the most vulnerable in society at its forefront.

“Our young people truly are our future. Investing in them in a fair and progressive manner is an essential part of climate justice, and the Green message is one of social justice,” Education Spokesperson Catherine Martin TD told reporters, announcing our proposed investment in education and social protection.

“When it comes to taking climate action, it’s going to take us several years to ramp up the capabilities that we need,” says Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD, explaining the ten-year view on our budget submission. “This takes time. What this pre-budget submission says is that we’re starting on that road.”