Towards 2030 ¦ A decade of change

Green Party Rural Manifesto #GE2020


Rural Ireland is a place of strong community links and economic potential. However, in small towns, villages and in more remote areas, people often do not enjoy the amenities and services that those in cities and large towns take for granted. These include day-to-day necessities such as decent bus services, post offices, easy access to local shops, jobs in the local community and access to a doctor or to mental health care.

Our Rural Manifesto sets out practical solutions which can restore the natural world and at the same time improve our quality of life in rural Ireland. This is a ten-year challenge because it will take more than one government to deliver the scale of change we need. We will not make the necessary leap if we see it as a divisive issue between rural and urban Ireland, or between young and old, or if we turn it into a fight between traditional political factions.

Ireland has a unique and valuable asset in our farming sector, and, compared to many other nations, a large proportion of farming is carried out by small to medium land holders. This should be one of Ireland’s greatest strengths and one of our best opportunities to support rural communities. People who farm the land have a right to a viable livelihood. In an era of increasing greenhouse gas emissions, volatile international markets, product competition and new climate change agreements, we believe the following policies will support farmers as they work towards a more secure future for their farm holdings, their local areas, their trade networks and the country as a whole.

Ireland will change dramatically over the next decade. We have an opportunity to pull together and ensure that those changes are fair, sustainable and allow us to hold on to some of the best and most important aspects of rural Ireland: close and supportive communities, a love of the natural world, and a belief in our rural way of life.