Green Party Housing Policy

More homes; warm homes; connected homes


Ireland is facing a housing and homelessness emergency of staggering proportions, with the most recent figures indicating that almost 10,000 people are living in emergency accommodation. The current model of relying solely on the private sector to meet our housing needs is failing abysmally. The State needs to step in to ensure that everyone’s right to a warm, affordable, safe home is met.

Our housing policy sets out the practical measures that we can take to achieve our vision for housing by 2030. After this decade of change we will have succeeded in smoothing out the damaging boom-bust cycles in the property market. We will have dramatically reduced homelessness and the financial stress associated with housing. Our communities will be well serviced by childcare facilities, schools and public transport and commuting times will be drastically reduced. Finally, the environmental and economic costs of poor planning decisions and energy inefficient construction will have been slashed.