Our Community Energy Bill


Power to the People

In November of 2017 the Green Party introduced the Community Energy Bill in the Dáil. Through this legislation, we hope to change the way energy is produced and owned in Ireland.



Why our bill matters

Our bill seeks to empower local communities by ensuring that local people are given the option to purchase at least 30% of a renewable energy project in their area.
This would be a first step toward creating a network of community energy projects in Ireland, of the kind that has proven successful in many other European countries.



Community energy programmes and co-operatives explained

An expanded, locally-orientated renewable energy sector means local investment and jobs. Ireland can be a leader on climate by allowing local communities to directly benefit from the transition toward a low-carbon economy.


What can I do?

Contact your TD and ask them to support the Green Party’s Community Energy Bill to allow local communities to have a 30% stake in all local renewable energy developments.

Read the full text of our bill here:

Community Energy BillCommunity Energy Bill