Our Pre-Budget
Submission 2019


We’re laying out an alternative vision for investment in our economy, seeking to tackle the most pressing issues for Irish people – with particular focus
on housing, education and transport.

We’re bringing forward solutions to help every person live in a comfortable, affordable home.

At the same time, we are seeking to invest in our children and young people by making primary and secondary education truly free; one of the most important investments we can make in Ireland’s future.

We also know that an economy won’t work, and won’t attract investment, unless people can move cleanly and efficiently from home to work, school or college. That’s why we want a major re-balance of capital spending in transport towards public transport and cycling, and why we’re seeking to provide free travel to students who travel to or from college or training.

A Government must give its people every chance possible to build a happy, prosperous life.

Below are 5 stand-out Green proposals you just won’t see in the government’s budget.

1. An additional €1 billion for housing and homelessness



2. Make Primary and Secondary Education Truly Free


3. Make Public Transport Free for Students



4. Double the Financial Support for Carers in the Home.



5. Reduce the VAT on Repairs.


These are just five of our proposals, there are plenty of more great ideas in our full submission. To read it click here.