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My Vision

My overarching vision is for a fairer, more equitable Ireland, where the most vulnerable in society are given top priority in all political decision making.

My Experience

I’m a mother of three, an ecologist, and an environmental education specialist. I’m a former Greenpeace activist, a former Irish surf champion, and a green entrepreneur. Having grown up in Tramore, Co. Waterford, I’ve been a lifelong nature-enthusiast and environmentalist, with a particular love of the sea. Two years ago I was honoured to be elected as a member of Seanad Éireann. Since entering the world of politics I have worked within committees and on the ground in a number of key areas with an ecological and human dimension to them, tackling environmental and social issues head-on, with passion and dedication.

My priorities

  • My number one priority is people and the well being of society in general. If we are thriving as individuals, the country, too, is healthier.
  • “Your health is your wealth” is more than a catchy adage. Human health and the health of the environment underpin our ability to survive and are a priority for me.
  • I want to see housing policy and property development that puts the needs of people first – a core principle in providing a decent quality of life for all.
  • Prioritising the protection of the natural world – air, sea, and land – whilst creating sustainable, green jobs for life.

I stand for access ecology equality

As a mother and ecologist I want my three children to grow up in an ecologically sound country that will recognise their various abilities and be a safe and secure place to live. I want all people, whatever their ability or background, to have a reasonable expectation of a living wage and a roof over their heads.