17th October 2019 | Biodiversity, Climate Change, Press Releases

Change in Irish forestry is coming as Green Party motion gets cross party support


Today the Green Party motion to transition forestry strategy from an industrial model to a close-to-nature, continuous cover model passed in the Dáil.

The current disconnected approach of planting fast growing non-native trees and clear-felling them, has created serious environmental problems and community backlash around the country.

The new way, outlined in the Green Party motion, is a more connected approach using native trees, continuous cover, a close-to-nature approach, with community and farmer support.

The motion passed 70 to 38 in the Dáil today.

Green Party Agriculture Spokesperson Pippa Hackett said:

“Communities impacted by forestry in Ireland have highlighted the need for a change in our afforestation model. Farmers themselves would appreciate a more flexible approach to planting.

“Now we see that politicians are catching up. It is vital if we want to use forestry to reduce out impact on the climate that we do it in a way that improves the environment, and benefits farmers and their farms.

“The benefits of the right kind of forestry are multiple. They can improve our air and water, stabilise soils, they can support biodiversity, protect against flooding, shelter livestock, provide a renewable resource of wood and food, and take carbon from our atmosphere.

“We need to bring everyone with us through this transition, and this Green Party motion is an important first step.”

Read more about our motion here.