28th August 2018 | Childcare, Press Releases

Greens: Children not companies are the major stakeholders in childcare decisions


The Green Party Spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs Pauline O’Reilly reacted strongly to a report out today from National Recruitment Federation which argued for children’s allowance to be used by the State to provide additional creches.

Pauline O’Reilly said “Looking at childcare as a form of labour market activation is a dangerous model for our community.

“While all organisations are entitled to make budgetary submissions, it is families, with the government’s support, who should be making decisions over childcare, not recruitment companies. We know that parents were asked by the CSO about their preferences for childcare and those choices vary; they include creches, childminders, stay-at-home parents and relatives.

“We need to have flexibility so that those who choose to stay home continue to be supported and that working outside of the home is a respected choice, not an economic necessity. Removing child benefit to pay for creches is a retrograde step and we would encourage the government to put children first. Families have higher rents due to the fact that they need more space and have fewer incomes, as children are not earners. They need to be supported to choose what suits their children best.

“This is why we have been calling for an approach that heavily subsidises creches and supports those who care in the home, use childminders and relatives, such as the Finnish childcare model”.