9th September 2018 | Transport

Cuffe calls for reform of parking enforcement in Dublin City


As response to Protected Disclosures reveal poor management practices

The Green Party has called for reforms in parking enforcement in as Dublin City Council’s Chief Executive Owen Keegan responds to concerns raised in Protected Disclosures. Correspondence from Mr. Keegan to Green Party Dublin City Councillor Ciarán Cuffe reveal that a former Assistant Garda Commissioner Michael J McCarthy was appointed to investigate allegations but his report was withdrawn following representations from Dublin Street Parking Services. However Mr. Keegan has itemised a long list of concerns and stated that they had a valid basis. A new parking contract is set to be awarded in Dublin City this autumn.

Councillor Cuffe, who chairs Dublin City Council’s Transportation Strategic Policy Committee said:

“Change is needed in the way we carry out and monitor clamping in the city. We need more tow-trucks and more attention paid to illegal parking that blocks footpaths, cycle-lanes and disabled parking bays. In the past we’ve seen poor practice that seems more like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ instead of tackling dangerously parked cars. I am sick and tired of seeing all-day parking in places like Smithfield Square, and cars parked in cycle lanes while drivers pop in to Centra for a coffee. This culture needs to change, and Dublin City Council and our Parking Enforcement team must lead this change

 “The vacant position of Parking Enforcement Officer must be filled; and the Council’s future parking contract needs to be fit for purpose; with proper oversight. If this is done correctly our streets, parking bays, footpaths and cycle lanes will be free for those who need to use them, whether it’s the public or emergency vehicles.

“People need to be confident that parking enforcement operates to a high standard in the city. On a regular basis I have raised cases of poor parking practice in Dublin.  I am pleased that Mr. Keegan is taking action, and has expressed his regret for management failures. I wish to express my gratitude to those who made Protected Disclosures and to those who contacted me regarding these issues.

“The aim of parking enforcement must be to ensure traffic is managed safely in the city; that drivers pay a fair fee for parking; don’t park illegally; and that key junctions are kept free for emergency services and other vehicles. Currently we are not doing as well as we should in reaching this goal.

“I have asked Owen Keegan to undertake the following:

  • filling of the vacant position of Parking Enforcement Officer at the earliest opportunity;
  • parking enforcement to be a standing agenda item at all future Transportation Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) meetings; and
  • presentation of the draft  Dublin City Council parking enforcement contract to a special meeting of the SPC including proposed quality assurance measures and Key Performance Indicators.

“It is crucial that management failures are addressed and that greater transparency is provided so that public confidence can be placed in our staff and in parking enforcement services.


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