6th February 2019 | Health, Press Releases

Cuts to GP services need to be reversed to guarantee better care and outcome for patients: Greens


The Green Party are calling on cuts to GP services to be reversed to help guarantee better care for patients.

The cuts that were implemented on the back of the financial crisis have led to many practices over time reducing their services to patients.

This has meant practices closing their clinics to new patients, services that were once free now being charged for and increases in waiting times for patients.

Dr Seamus McMenamin, GP from Navan and Green Party Health Spokesperson, said:

“It is essential that the cuts to primary care under FEMPI [Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest] are reversed.

“GP practices experienced cuts of up to 38% and these have not been restored. This has meant that practices have reduced the number of services they provide and have had to start charging for previously free services as well as increases in waiting times.

“As a GP I see the impact of this my patients on a weekly basis. 70% of practices nationwide are closed to new patients. In my town of Navan there are no practices taking on new patients.

“We have people who were priced out of the housing market in Dublin who moved to Navan having to return to Dublin because they can’t get GP care where they live.”