7th November 2019 | Health, Press Releases

Cuts to public drug treatment services need to be reversed in light of new research


The Green Party has called on the Government to reverse cuts to public drug treatment services following the publishing of the Health Research Board research into drug treatment.

New figures indicate that treatment for the use of cocaine has increased by 50% in a 12-month period to more than 2,200 cases.

Green Party Health Spokesperson Dr Séamus McMenamin, said:

“The Government have reduced funding over the past number of years and it is clear that this funding needs to be restored and a new model of drug treatment introduced. Many parts of the country have no treatment services at all. As a GP I am often reliant on charities or religious groups to cover the gaps in the services that the Government is not addressing.
“The drop in numbers of people requesting treatment for various addictions needs to be seen in context. If the service is not available the true number might be masked by a lack of availability. It is clear the Government need to do more”