4th February 2019 | Brexit, Press Releases

Delaying climate action over Brexit will make things worse not better: Greens


As Minister for the Environment Richard Bruton reveals he is preparing to shelve his climate action plan, the Green Party warns this move will be bad for the economy and public finances as well as the climate.

Eamon Ryan, Green Party Leader, said:

“Climate action would promote diversity in our agriculture sector. We need this to protect ourselves from overreliance on beef and dairy. Pushing forward with these plans will help our economy get onto a stronger footing.

“By not pushing forward with strong action on climate change we are risking the public finances being hit by fines. Europe will not allow us to opt out of our EU climate commitments over Brexit. We are facing massive fines and the more we delay we will only make them bigger.

“This highlights just how brittle Fine Gael’s commitment is to tackling climate breakdown. We cannot park climate action, it cannot be set to one side when things get difficult. We must make it central to everything we do if we are to keep within 1.5C of global warming.”