8th November 2019 | Housing, Press Releases

Dublin housing slowdown shows government policies are pushing people out of the capital – Greens


Reacting to the news that house completion has slowed down in Dublin, Green Party Housing spokesperson Cllr Deirdre Ní Fhloinn says this is just another symptom of the government’s failing housing policy.

Cllr Ní Fhloinn said:

“This slowdown in Dublin comes on the back of studies showing an increase in building in the counties surrounding Dublin. It’s clear people are being pushed out of the capital.

“It’s no surprise that families are being pushed out of the Dublin suburbs when the Government has promoted a model of developer-led and designed mass housing that caters only for students and smaller households, and which is generally being built to rent only.

“There are individuals and groups who would design their own communities differently if they could get access to land for people-centred housing that would cater for all ages and abilities.  Instead the Government is proposing to aggregate public lands in the Land Development Agency and to use a substantial part of those lands for private development that will be unaffordable for many families.  Even the so-called affordable rental proposed in my own county is well beyond what many households can pay. Dublin is becoming impossible to live in for the thousands of people on whom we all rely for our work, our schools, our healthcare, and our essential public supports such as Gardaí and teachers. Something has to give.”