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26th November 2019 | Climate Change, Environment, Press Releases

Emissions gap is a stark reminder of how we are missing our climate targets


A report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) this week revealed that there is a large emissions gap when it comes to meeting our climate targets under the Paris Agreement.

Green Party Climate Change Spokesperson David Healy commented:

“Unfortunately the Emissions Gap report shows that we are not making the necessary changes to reach the goal we have agreed. At Paris in 2o15, the world agreed to aim for a 1.5°C temperature rise, recognising that this target already involves major climate impacts. UNEP’s report shows how global emissions need to rapidly decrease to go for the 1.5°C target. Instead, emissions are continuing to increase. Full implementation of the national commitments made in Paris would only lead to a stabilisation in emissions. So we need to do more to meet our commitments, but we also need to make stronger commitments to meet our target.

“The consequences of our collective failure are terrifying. Poorer countries and people will be hardest hit but no-one is immune. We are starting to see the impacts of climate change across the world; the decisions we make now will have enormous consequences in coming decades and for future generations.”