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21st December 2011 | Uncategorised

EU emissions ruling a step in the right direction


The Green Party Spokesperson for Transport, Tourism and Sport has offered a cautious welcome to today’s decision by the European Court of Justice to force all airlines operating within the EU to pay to offset their carbon emissions.

 Speaking today, Adam Douglas said: “The Global interconnectedness of modern air travel makes the ideal solution a truly international agreement for the sector on regulating carbon emissions. Nevertheless, climate change is too pressing a matter for prolonged indecision. It is right in this case for a regional bloc to lead by example.”


“The ECJ Ruling today allows a unique opportunity for the EU to be a world leader in tackling this problem. With 2 of the 10 busiest airports in the world, and scores of others operating to all continents, this ruling should not put the continent at a competitive disadvantage, but rather give it a head start in adjusting to a new global scene. The carbon problem is just one of the wider issues aviation has to deal with, such as the reality of peak oil and ever higher oil prices that will have an increasing effect on the way airlines do business.”


“However, the Government must watch these developments closely. The fastest growing sector of visitors to Ireland is from mainland Europe, and a substantial number still travel from the US. As an island country, we are disproportionally dependent on air travel to make these visits a reality.  As such the Minister may have to look at amalgamating the existing air travel tax regime with this new offsetting system so that we are not put at a disadvantage to other European locations.”



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