1st May 2019 | Political Reform, Press Releases

Every place matters in the effort to tackle climate change: Greens


We must protect, restore, and build for the future in every part of Ireland – that is the message at the Green Party local election launch.

Green Party candidates are setting out a vision for better connected, cleaner communities and thriving nature.

At the launch of the Green Party’s local election manifesto candidates called for local authorities to:

  1. Plant 1 million native trees

This comes as part of the Green Party pledge to protect nature, restore habitats, and give people the right to green space locally. We want local councils to empower communities to plant 1 million native trees across the county during the lifetime of the local government.

  1. Make the social housing stock A-rated 

We are calling on local authorities to commit to retrofitting Ireland’s social housing stock to A-rating. Everyone deserves to live in a home that is safe, warm, and energy efficient. This is an important step in preparing our communities for a post-Carbon future.

  1. Invest ten-fold more in cycling locally

The Green Party want the provision of cycling infrastructure to expand massively from 1% of the transport budget to 10%. This will free up funds for well-connected, segregated cycle lanes and cycle parks near public transport hubs around the country. This is part of the Green Party’s broader commitment to move the transport budget away from roads and two to one in favour of public transport, walking and cycling

Green Party Director of Election Roderic O’Gorman said:

“The Green Party has seen a surge in membership and candidates since our last local election. We are running double the number of candidates we ran in 2014 and this gives a lot more people the opportunity to vote Green in 2019.

“North and south we are running 108 candidates in the upcoming local elections.

“Speaking to people on the doors there is a real appetite for the vision we are offering locally and that is about protecting and restoring nature, providing great public services, and building our communities and economy for the years to come.

Speaking following the launch, Green Party Spokesperson for Local Government Cllr Malcolm Noonan said that Local Government had a pivotal role to play in leading, enabling and inspiring action on climate change but was constantly being undermined by the two big parties in Ireland who have an inherent distrust of local autonomy.

“Since the foundation of the State, big government has never trusted little government; evidenced by recent ‘reforms’ of local government and local community participation. Phil Hogan ripped local government to shreds in 2014 by abolishing an important tier of town and borough councils. Furthermore, he shopped out community development as a service to be tendered for. Well the Greens believe in local government even if Fine Gael don’t,” said Cllr Noonan.

“We want to put participative democracy back into the heart of local governance to lead the transformative changes required to our energy systems, transportation and the delivery of sustainable, affordable and ecological homes in connected communities. We think that the role of Local Government should be widened, not narrowed.”

Breakdown of Green Party candidates:

Candidates 82 (ROI)
Female / Male 44 / 56% (ROI)
Local Authorities (highest nos) Running (LEA) Total (LEA)
Dublin City 10 11
Kildare 7 8
South Dublin 7 7
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown 6 6
Fingal 6 5
Cork City 5 5
Cork County 5 10
Limerick 4  
Waterford 4
Age of Candidates %
18-30 11
30-40 27
40-50 36
50-60 19
60+ 5
# of Candidates – North & South 108