Facebook must adhere to European Regulation rather than self-regulation: Greens - Green Party

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2nd April 2019 | Digital

Facebook must adhere to European Regulation rather than self-regulation: Greens


Green Party supports European plans to break up monopoly powers of tech giants.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan TD said today. ‘I look forward to meeting Mark Zuckerberg today along with my two Oireachtas Colleagues who are also members of the International Grand Committee on Disinformation and fake news.’

‘I will be making the case that European regulation rather than self-regulation has to oversee the development of these internet platforms. Mr Zuckerberg indicated recently that crowdsourcing and an independent board could help review news material and arbitrate on the taking down of harmful material. I think such oversight has to be provided by professional journalism and due process rather than from company initiatives.’

‘As the European headquarters for so many international tech companies, Ireland has a special responsibility to get the standards right. It requires thoughtful policy making, especially given the potential for new artificial intelligence applications and the internet of things to further increase the level of personal surveillance.’

‘We are active members of the European Green Party, who may hold the balance of power in the next European Parliament. If we do, one of the big projects we will advance is in digital governance. We need to think not just in narrow legislative terms about what to restrict but also what high principles we want to promote and protect in the evolution of the internet.’

‘We agree on the need to restrict the monopoly powers of any technology giants and return the ownership and control over personal data back to the people. I look forward putting forward these ideas to the company today. ‘