19th September 2018 | Local Government, Political Reform

Fine Gael forget about Dublin as Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford get to vote for their own Mayor

by Antoin McDermott

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said today ‘Dublin is gridlocking and homeless is rising due to the lack of leadership in the planning and development of our city. One of the best ways we could address the crisis is to allow the people of Dublin directly elect their own Mayor.

Taoiseach Leo Varaker said repeatedly in opposition that he favoured such a Dublin office, but in the Dail today confirmed that his Government is giving up on the idea.

The Green Party welcomes the fact that the people of Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford are going to have the chance of electing their own mayor, but lament the fact that the nation’s capital and largest city is being forgotten about.

“The Taoiseach says he will set up a new citizens assembly to look into the issue, but this is just another delaying tactic from his party. Ten years ago an all party advisory group established by the Green Party did a detailed analysis on how a directly elected mayor could work for Dublin. The legislation to empower that office was within days of being legislated for before that Government fell. We don’t need anymore consultation – A 150 page comprehensive Green Party bill is in front of the Oireachtas already and has majority support.

Fine Gael have being saying they want a mayor but have being doing everything to kill the idea. The only way people can return power to Local Government is by voting Green at the next local, European and General Election.

Dublin is not going to work properly until that sort of leadership is in place” concluded Deputy Ryan.