15th January 2019 | Climate Change

Fine Gael heavy spin on climate change can’t hide this government’s pitiful record: Greens


The Green Party want to develop a cross-party approach to climate breakdown but it needs political parties to stop talking and start doing.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has, yet again, given a speech where he outlined his commitment to climate action but he must now back that with action.

This government stands over one of the worst records in Europe on climate and no amount of words can hide it.

Here are some examples:

  • Ranked worst in the Europe on climate action in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI);
  • Blocked the Green Party Waste Reduction Bill which would ban some single-use plastics and initiate a bottle deposit and return scheme;
  • Opposed the Climate Emergency Bill which would have stopped offshore oil and gas exploration;
  • Cut cycling funding and increased investment in unsustainable transport;
  • Supported massive increases in emissions from agriculture by increasing the national herd.

Eamon Ryan, Green Party Leader, said:

“Fine Gael’s record on dealing with the climate crisis has been pitiful and no amount of grandstanding about their environmental credentials can hide that.

“This party have been twofaced when it comes to climate. They get out in the media and make great noise about their deep concern for our future but behind closed doors they support huge increases in emissions in transport, agriculture, and award licences to explore for oil and gas.

“What we need is real action. One thing they could deliver on is a properly climate proofed National Development Plan. This current plan is not fit for purpose and needs to be redesigned with climate action at its core.

“We need solutions not soundbites.”