9th October 2018 | Climate Change, Economy, Press Releases

Fine Gael ignore climate change in a pre-election budget which has no long term vision for our future


Reacting to the details of the budget which have been revealed this morning, Green Party Leader and TD for Dublin Bay South Eamon Ryan derided Fine Gael for “abandoning even the faintest of hints that they want to do anything about the major challenge of our generation.”


“Yesterday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sounded the alarm for those world governments who are still asleep to this crisis but today, Minister Donohoe has hit the snooze button. They are following a business as usual model which is not going to work and which will cost us dearly inside of ten years.


“As Professor John Fitzgerald of the Climate Advisory Committee has said: “We are completely off course and heading rapidly in the wrong direction“. This budget was a chance to set us on the right course but the Taoiseach and Minister Donohoe have given up on that opportunity. We have a Government which has no vision for the long term future of this country. The budget reflects that sad reality. Fine Gael have shown their true colours; they have not one thread of green in their outlook.


Green Party Deputy Leader and TD for Dublin Rathdown Catherine Martin said: “Fine Gael have given in to the short-sighted populism of the Independent Alliance because the truth is that this budget suits them every bit as much. Ireland will thrive under a Green economy; nobody in Government gets that. We need a radical change of approach if we’re to avoid handing our children a crisis beyond all hope of solving.”