Lynne Glasscoe

Local Election Candidate
Lynne Glasscoe canvassing with Grace O'Sullivan in the 2019 Lecal Elections

As a Green I believe that we’re not just talking about trees, bees, plastics, pollution, renewables, social justice and many other aspects that impact our lives and the lives of our children, but we are working in government to make change. And make that change happen now.

My priorities

I’m passionate about rural regeneration, renewables, developing safe spaces for refugees and trees; having the conversations about how we can change to embrace a better environment for our children and grandchildren.

The Town Centre First approach aims to recharge our rural towns and villages as places of opportunity, responsible business and equitable living. Places with built heritage that should be utilised instead of being left vacant. And I look to support our small farmers with recognition of the importance of their role in developing a sustainable, quality Irish product.

Supporting renewables has been a priority since the 80s and I have organised events several local events in community energy, wind farm development and electric transportation.

I have worked with overseas families for a number of years who have been forced out of their environment and as a spokesperson for the Community Sponsorship Programme I believe that community support is essential for the integration and inclusion of these families.

Another priority, and one I’ve written many articles about, is lobbying to get both Tree Management Programmes and Tree Charters adopted by local authorities. A tree charter will allow for community engagement on street trees with discussion and agreement on any actions planned by a local authority.


Living in Ireland since 1975, I have been advocating for women, youth, equality, ethical enterprise and clean energy for decades. I transitioned from Cork Greens to the Waterford branch in 2017 and later started the West Waterford Green group, which has put on a number of events.

With an MBA focused on Ethical Enterprise, my background is responsible tourism, including several of my own ventures, plus EU projects in the Caribbean and more recently two years in Central Asia. I have been supporting refugees since my return in 2014 and am a spokesperson for the Community Sponsorship Programme. I’ve written a green book, published articles, developed environment programmes for youth groups and regularly present on the environment to communities around the country.

I’m energetic, proactive, take a holistic view of ideas and I’m passionate about trees. I know the time to act is now. I believe I will make a difference.

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