Benny McDonagh

Local Election Candidate
Benny McDonagh LEA
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Saving the planet for future generations requires a holistic approach and not siloing any sectors. We can only achieve this together.

Our actions count, at local, national and international level. Our relationship with nature needs to change, our economic model needs to be fundamentally altered and above all, humanity’s willingness to act as a united entity must gather pace. We are all important and we can all make a difference.

My priorities

Retrofitting and renovation of homes and buildings to reduce homelessness and fuel poverty.

Tackling urban dereliction and vacancy.

Reviving our town centres and rural areas.

A new vision for agriculture that supports farmers and funds their efforts to diversify, decarbonise, and nurture biodiversity.


I am a Senior Project Assistant with primary expertise in sustainable energy in the Development Unit, at Limerick Institute of Technology.  I worked for many years in London as a carpenter and building contractor before returning to Ireland in 1995, where I worked at a special needs community, based in Kilkenny and Tipperary in the building construction and maintenance area. I have a passion for social and environmental issues, and went on to study for an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology, completing it in 2014. Since then, I have occupied various roles as a researcher, building contractor and consultant in the areas of energy management, sustainable construction and water treatment.


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