5th March 2019 | Climate Change, Press Releases, Uncategorised

Government failure on climate demonstrated again by latest renewable energy report: Greens


Greens outline three quick fire and low-cost solutions to turn things around.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said today:

“The latest Renewable Energy in Ireland Report from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland again shows the failing of this Government when it comes to tackling climate change.  We are near the bottom of the European league for introducing renewable power. That is going to cost the country both in fines for missing our renewable targets and in the missed opportunity from turning to our own local power supplies.

“Fine Gael are falling to deliver because of their lack of commitment to climate action.  We are proposing three immediate policy measures that could turn things around in the renewable heating, transport and electricity sectors.”

1. No fossil fuels in new buildings 

Some 67% of new housing is being built with a fossil fuel heating system.  Other countries have already regulated to stop any new oil or gas domestic boilers and we should do the same.  Alternative systems such as air sourced heat pumps are now tried and tested and will save the householder money in the long run.

2. Regulate for EV charging points

The sale of electric vehicles are starting to take off. We can give them a further push by setting new regulations so every public car park, shopping centre car park and large petrol station has to have a certain number of fast charging points installed.

3. Put solar power on every public building with a south facing roof

Northern Ireland has fifteen times more installed solar photo voltaic panels than the Republic.  We can start catching up by putting solar PV panels on every school, hospital and other public building with a south facing roof.