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26th August 2019 | Press Releases, Transport

Government plan for more electric charge points shows again their lack of ambition – Greens


As the Government announce plans to expand the number of electric vehicle charge points, Green Party Transport Spokesperson Patrick Costello said:

“The plans announced today by the government for 1,000 new electric vehicle charge points is a welcome small step in the right direction but it simply isn’t ambitious enough.

“The decision to mandate county councils to provide these points but to only provide 75% of the funding is going to seriously hamper the roll out. It is an example of the government setting up councils to fail and getting themselves off the hook for this failure.

“If we look to other countries around Europe you realise that adding 1,000 charge points is far below what is needed. If we look at Norway they already have 12,000 charge points. The government need to aim for the provision of 10,000 charge points.

“We also need to be creative in our ambition  Where these points are is also vitally important – if we focus on off street charge point we can preserve the streets for walking, cycling and public transport. We should be looking at putting charge points in petrol stations and in places like supermarket car parks. We need a strategy to make that happen and we have suggested making one in ten spaces in supermarket car parks charge points. This would massively expand the provision of charge points nationally. Electric cars are only one part of the solution and we need to remember that.

“Ultimately this plan shows a lack of forethought for the infrastructure we need and a lack of ambition when it comes to meeting our climate targets.”