6th March 2019 | Health, Press Releases

Greater access to non-medication treatments needed to stem the rise of anti-depressant prescriptions: Greens


The Green Party/An Comhaontas Glas note the findings of RTÉ investigates on the increase in anti-depressant prescribing in Ireland.

Green Party Spokesperson for Health Dr Séamus McMenamin said:

“As a GP my options are very limited with regard to access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or other non-medication treatments. As well as the other issues identified, the availability of public counselling is very limited with huge variability across the country”

“Patients with medical cards have limited access to public counselling with waiting lists of over 6 months and private patients have no access to the counselling in Primary Care service (CIPC).”

He called on the Government to urgently prioritise funding to CIPC and open access to CIPC for non General Medical Services card holders.