23rd September 2019 | Biodiversity, Community, Environment, Press Releases

Green councillors condemn “wholesale destruction” of wetlands in Tallaght


Green Party Councillors on South Dublin County Council have condemned what they have called the “wholesale destruction” of a wetland area in Tallaght known for its biodiversity. The wetland area, in Sean Walsh Park, was bulldozed over the weekend, potentially wiping out thousands of animals, including rare eels and amphibians.

Cllr Francis Noel Duffy said:

“We are trying to find out what’s behind this wholesale destruction of a valuable carbon sink and habitat for biodiversity. I’ve been in touch with council management to try to ascertain what happened, but it’s a massive blow for the county in the wake of us declaring a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency on the strength of a Green Party motion that received unanimous support at the last council meeting.”

Cllr Liam Sinclair said:

“This is heartbreaking. During the recent election campaign, I visited the wetlands and learned about their importance; and I lost a breath when I was shown the scenes of destruction there. This is not good enough.”

South Dublin County Council’s “Tallaght Brochure” published this month features the wetlands as part of the development of Sean Walsh Park.