15th July 2020 | Finance, Press Releases

Green MEPs call for greater transparency in taxation policies in wake of Apple Tax ruling


Irish Green MEPs Ciarán Cuffe and Grace O’Sullivan have reacted to the ruling of the General Court of the European Union in the appeal of Ireland and Apple against the European Commission’s tax ruling. In its ruling in favour of Ireland and Apple, the Court has annulled the contested decision because the Commission was wrong to declare that Apple ( ASI and AOE) had been granted a selective economic advantage and, by extension, State aid.

Green Party MEP for Ireland South, Grace O’Sullivan said: “Today is an important day, and we will study this ruling carefully. However, the ruling illustrates the urgent need for transparency and fairness in our taxation policies. We want to ensure that multinational companies pay their fair share of taxes. We need greater transparency in where companies make their income, and declare their profits. Reforms have delivered this in the banking sector, and they are needed for companies as well.”

Green Party MEP for Dublin, Ciarán Cuffe said: “It is clear that multinational companies are gaming the system by using the different taxation rules in each Member State to their advantage. Action is needed on this, and while we recognise the role of the OECD in resolving this we fear that the can may be kicked down the road indefinitely. Ireland’s aggressive tax planning policies have come under the scrutiny of the European Commission.  We need to fight tax evasion and tax avoidance, both outside and inside the Union while recognising Ireland’s peripheral status within the European Union.