5th February 2019 | Brexit, Press Releases

Green Party calls for the immediate restoration of the Northern Assembly


We need the institutions in place to help manage a potential no deal Brexit, say Green leaders in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Eamon Ryan, Irish Green Party leader, said this morning:

“Theresa May is in Belfast today calling for a return of the Northern Ireland assembly but is doing nothing to make that happen.  The Taoiseach is dithering on the same issue, saying he wants to see the institutions restored but is willing to wait until after Brexit talks are resolved to help make it happen.’

“We think differently and believe there is an immediate need for a return of the Good Friday Institutions.  We need politicians to step up to their responsibilities and help manage the possible consequences of the chaotic Brexit process that is unfolding before our eyes.  It would be intolerable to leave a few civil servants in the North or Westminster to manage what could happen under a crash out Brexit.  It is not good enough for the DUP and Sinn Fein to wash their hands of that political responsibility.  Everyone is talking about wanting to protect the Good Friday agreement but no one seems to be willing to turn up to make it a living political reality at this most important time.’

Clare Bailey, Green Party of Northern Ireland leader, said:

“Words are not enough. Theresa May needs to come up with an action plan. Her Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has shown little interest in fulfilling her duties. People are suffering. Much needs to be done. We are desperate for Ministers in sign off on already agreed but stalled legislation.

“The Tory government continue to fail the people of Northern Ireland for the benefit of the 10 DUP votes at Westminster.”