23rd May 2019 | Press Releases, Transport

Green Party concerned at ongoing failure to manage coach parking for 3 Arena concerts


Green Party councillors on Dublin City Council voiced frustration at the ongoing failures to provide safe coach parking and alternative travel for large events, which means the Alfie Byrne Road segregated cycle path will become a coach parking facility for Spice Girls fans.

Councillor Ciaran Cuffe stated: “I have raised these issue before of parking at this spot, during the Bruce Springsteen concerts in 2016 for example, and it is disappointing that Dublin City Council, Gardaí and Concert promoters still have not found alternatives.“

Councillor Patrick Costello, Kimmage-Rathmines, stated: “If anything we should be making more effort to encourage people to walk and cycle to events by providing pop-up bike parking as they do in the Netherlands.”

Councillor Claire Byrne pointed to the coach parking facility provided close by. “The NTA spent €1.7 million to provide parking for coaches, why is that not being used?,” Cllr Byrne asks. “There is something wrong when we allow a cycle lane to be used for coach parking while at the same time letting an expensive parking service to sit empty”