4th October 2019 | Community, Press Releases

Green Party councillors are calling for urgent action to save Moore Street market


Green Party Councillor Donna Cooney, a long-time save Moore Street campaigner said:

“I’m gravely concerned that Moore Street is just being left to fall into decay. The traders have been looking for improvements for over twenty years. The national monument lies boarded up and no time line has been given as to when this important historical area will be preserved, this uncertainty has now added to the traders fears to the future of Moore Street and the market. The Dublin Agreement which is now the policy of Dublin City Council makes particular reverence to the preservation of Moore Street, we hope to get full cross party support on our emergency motion tabled for Mondays council meeting.

Cllr Cooney, in response to the ministers request for an expert group to be set up, said:

“We don’t need another toothless group expecting stakeholders to engage, what we need is a commitment from the Minister to fund and fully support the preservation of Moore Street before this unique internationally recognized historical area is lost for future generations”

Councillor Neasa Hourigan, Green Party spokesperson on Finance, said:

“Moore Street is part of our cultural heritage on Dublin’s Northside and we should protect it for future generations to enjoy. The reality is that we need more markets in the city, open to a variety of traders and focusing on regionally grown food, local skills and affordable, sustainable produce. Let’s start now by making Moore Street an exemplar for what is possible”