21st February 2017 | Uncategorised

Green Party: Dublin Airport expansion ‘would contravene climate act’


The Green Party said today that the proposed third runway at Dublin Airport would fall foul of Ireland’s international emissions reduction obligations, and is not compatible with either the Paris Agreement signed last year, or with our own domestic climate change laws.

Speaking today, Green Party Councillor on Fingal County Council, David Healy, said: “Earlier this month in Austria, the Federal Administrative Court ruled in a landmark judgement that the provision of a third runway at Vienna airport is not possible because it would have substantive negative impacts on Austrian obligations on climate change. The Court referred to the Paris Agreement, EU and Austrian law.

“Plans to extend Dublin Airport, by the provision of a third runway, must be considered in light of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015, and the Planning and Development Act 2000. There is an obligation on Fingal County Council, and on the Dublin Airport Authority to have regard to the national objective of transition to a low-carbon economy, the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaption to the effects of climate change in the State.

“On examination, the plan for a third runway is based on predictions for increased aviation demand and passenger numbers which are incompatible with the 1.5 degree target agreed in the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement commits signatories to “economy-wide” emissions reductions, which rules out an increase in emissions from aviation. Dublin Airport Authority is simply on auto pilot and paying no regard to national and global policy to reduce emissions.

“I have written to Fingal County Council outlining my concerns.”

You can view a copy of Cllr. Healy’s letter here.