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4th October 2018 | Education, Housing, Press Releases, Transport

Green Party Launches Pre-Budget Submission


The Green Party today launched its pre-budget submission offering an alternative vision for the economy, addressing the most urgent issues currently facing Irish society.

The Party outlined a significant re-focusing of investment towards housing, education, and transport. Key to the Party’s submission is a proposal to make primary and secondary education truly free and to introduce a basic income model in Ireland.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD: “We need a radically different approach in how we address the housing crisis. That starts with an extra billion Euro invested in public housing – in particular, large-scale cost rental on state-owned land. Addressing the crisis in housing is just a first step; we also need to be radical in building a progressive economic model for the future. Central to this is our proposal to transition to a basic income model which will help deliver a social floor and a level playing field.”

Catherine Martin TD echoed the comments of her Party colleague and called for a shift in how we value our most precious resource: our children and our young people. “The ever-increasing cost of sending children to school is making a mockery of the idea of equal access to education. We need to make education truly free for all. To do this, we are proposing the elimination of voluntary contributions, and an investment to cover the cost of essential items and services such as school books, school transport, and classroom resources for all primary and secondary school students.”

Senator Grace O’Sullivan outlined the Party’s vision for a smarter transport system: “Our transport budget is heavily skewed against public transport and cycling. We need a positive rebalance away from funding more roads for more cars. Our proposal calls for a redistribution of the transport budget, with an allocation of 50% for public transport, 30% for roads, and 20% for walking and cycling.

“Transport must be accessible and affordable for all, that’s why we’re looking for a free travel scheme for students travelling to or from college, training, or any third-level course.”

Read the full submission here


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