28th January 2020 | Agriculture, Press Releases

Green Party meet IFA to discuss future of Irish Farming


Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD today attended the AGM of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) in Dublin to discuss the party’s agricultural proposals and the future of Irish farming. 

Speaking at the event, Eamon Ryan TD said:

“The current agricultural system is not serving Irish farmers. It’s serving the big beef processors and the retailers but it’s not serving the Irish farmer. 

The current system is not working. Government policies are failing Irish farmers. Beef farmers are currently getting around €13k per annum. I believe we need to work with farmers and move to a more sustainable model which rewards farmers for their hard work. 

If we persist with the current policies family farms will be swallowed up and rural communities will suffer. That’s the last thing we want. We want to protect the family farm. 

We need to pay farmers properly for helping to store carbon in our soil, for helping to clean our water, for helping to restore nature and for providing high quality food by ensuring they get a premium price for their product.

Farmers are critical. They are on the front line of climate action. Farmers are going to be the heroes in the change we have to make to tackle the climate crisis.”

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