26th June 2020 | Press Releases

Green Party membership approve entering government


The membership of the Green Party have approved entering government under the Programme for Government negotiated between the Green Party, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

The result was as follows:

Total ballot papers 1991
Total papers returned 1904
Spoiled/ abstained / invalid papers 12
Valid poll 1892
Quota required for a 2/3 majority 1262

The motion:
The Green Party Comhaontas Glas will enter government on the basis of the Programme for Government presented to this Special Convention

Votes for Yes 1435
Votes for No 457

76% for Yes
24% of No

The Programme for Government has been approved by the membership of the Green Party.

Speaking following the announcement Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said:

“There is a sense of responsibility on us now. We have a job to do. We must work with our coalition partners in getting our country out a really severe economic crisis. People who are at home now who may have lost their job or are at risk of losing their job – they need a government. We need to get up and stand up for them and get the country working.

“The wider world’s greatest challenge is to restore biodiversity and stop the madness that climate change will bring if it goes unchecked. That’s what our job will be in government and what we have been voted in to do. I believe that we can work with our coalition partners and parties in opposition to work together collectively to set our country on this new future. One that is sustainable in every way: socially, economically and environmentally. That’s what we will seek to do.”

Deputy Leader Catherine Martin said:

“This has been a difficult process for our Party and I thank all those who took part. Last week’s Special Convention was an incredible demonstration of democracy in action where differences of opinion were shared in a respectful and policy informed manner. There were no wrong sides in this debate. I am proud of how our Party engaged in this process.

“Tonight our members have voted for us to enter government. Now we will move forward together, respect the democratic wishes of the majority of our party,  listening to each other, learning from each other and cherishing our differences of opinion whilst working in unity to protect our country and our planet.

“I know some members and supporters will be disappointed with this outcome. I want to assure all members who did not support this Programme for Government that we have heard you and value your concerns. Your vigilance and oversight is more vital now than ever before.”