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28th November 2019 | Climate Change, Environment, Press Releases

Green Party MEPs welcome European Parliament declaration of Climate Emergency


Green Party MEPs Grace O’Sullivan and Ciarán Cuffe today welcomed the passing of a resolution declaring a Europe-wide climate emergency in the European Parliament.

Green Party MEP for Ireland South Grace O’Sullivan said: “This sends an important message internationally. Declaring a climate emergency throughout Europe ahead of the UN Climate Conference COP25, signals that the ecological catastrophe we are in the midst of must not be taken lightly. This declaration pushes the issue to the highest levels of political priority.

“I don’t want to say that this is good news. The issue is too appalling. But this vote puts an official political stamp on the issue, which brings pressure to bear which must be reflected in decision making across all aspects of domestic and international affairs.” 

Green Party MEP for Dublin Ciarán Cuffe said: ‘’Today the European Parliament sent a strong signal to the world about the seriousness of the climate and environmental crisis we face and about the need to act immediately.

‘’While this declaration is important, it will ultimately prove meaningless unless heeded by the newly elected Commission and by national governments. We need a response that meets the seriousness of the challenge. We need a European Green Deal that sets out a serious roadmap to climate neutrality, one that changes the way we live, work and travel for the better, that protects the climate and improves the lives of our citizens.”
A group of MEPs from S&D, Renew, Greens/EFA and GUE tabled an amendment for the resolution ahead of the UN Climate Conference COP25 to ask for the declaration of climate emergency on a European level.