5th March 2019 | Press Releases, Waste

Green Party moves to limit election posters


The Green Party is this week moving to dramatically reduce the number and visual impact of campaign posters used during elections in Ireland, creating instead European-style designated poster areas in public spaces during elections.

Green Party Senator Grace O’Sullivan, a candidate for Ireland South in the upcoming European Elections in May, has put down an amendment to the government’s European Parliament Elections (Amendment) Bill 2019 to bring the number of election posters down to the international norm, restricting them to designated areas only.

“Ireland has a vastly higher level of poster use than most other countries in Europe, especially during local elections. Citizens have regularly shown their opposition to the visual impact of these posters, and with more candidates for more parties than ever running now, these effects are only going to get worse.

“As well as the visual impact, electoral posters generate significant amount of plastic waste, much of which is difficult or impossible to recycle. They can also cause dangers to cyclists, pedestrians, the visually impaired and other street and pavement users.

Almost all EU countries instead limit posters to designated areas, administered by their local authorities, and often dismantle them outside of election time. Such areas give equal space to each party, while still allowing citizens to familiarise themselves with the candidates and serving as reminders of the elections taking place.

Senator O’Sullivan’s amendment would affect all elections in Ireland already legislated for under the Litter Acts. Posters for public meetings outside of elections would remain unaffected.

The bill is to be debated in the Seanad on Wednesday 6th March from 15:45. 

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