1st September 2016 | Uncategorised

Green Party: Road Deaths require ‘Vision Zero’ approach


The Green Party today called on the Government to adopt a ‘Vision Zero’ approach to road safety.

The call comes in the wake of the death of Tim Ross, an eleven year old killed while cycling to school this morning in Co. Offaly. 

The Green Party called on the Minister for Transport Shane Ross and the Irish Road Safety Authority to reconsider existing approaches to road safety and set a goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries on Ireland’s roads.

Green Party Transport Spokesperson and chair of Dublin City Council’s Transport Committee, Cllr Ciaran Cuffe said: “There is no acceptable level of carnage on our roads. Every serious accident can be prevented. This requires leadership and vision starting from the top, and a ‘Vision Zero’ approach to road safety. The culture of victim-blaming must stop, and this requires a new approach from safety authorities. Instead of insisting that vulnerable road users wear ‘high-viz’ clothing we should focus more on lower speed limits and changes in road design that encourage safer driving. An Garda Síochana must also devote more resources to tackling poor driver behaviour.  100 km/hr speed limits are unacceptable on roads used by children to cycle to school.

“Minister Ross must dedicate greater resources to improving walking and cycling across Ireland. Money for gold-plated road projects should be put on hold until such time as we adequately fund sustainable transport projects.

“A lack of funding has led to the National Transport Authority this week instructing Dublin City Council to suspend work on the cycle and walking projects outlined below. This is wrong.

-Dodder Greenway

-Clonskeagh to City Centre

-Royal Canal Cycleway Phase 4

“The Government’s Capital Investment Programme over the next seven years devotes less than 1% of budgets to sustainable transport measures including walking and cycling. It is no longer acceptable to give sustainable transport the crumbs of the transport cake.

“Investment in quality walking and cycling facilities save lives. It is time for the Minister to act.”