10th October 2018 | Childcare, Press Releases

Green Party Says Childcare Plan Lacks Cohesion

The Green Party has said that while the €90 million increase in the budget for childcare has some merit in that it widens the income threshold for the Affordable Childcare Scheme, this will benefit some children and not others.
Pauline O’Reilly, Children and Youth Affairs Spokesperson: “Many children whose families are on lower incomes will not benefit; those who use a childminder, parent, or other relative to care will not receive an equivalent benefit. 
“The Home Carer Tax Credit is to be increased by €300, but those who fall outside of the tax bracket, lone parents, and cohabiting couples will not see this support. We need to treat all care equally and recognise that the housing crisis impacts on all families. There is a lack of an overall cohesive scheme that benefits all families.
“Furthermore, childcare workers are not included in the budget. The treatment in terms of salaries for these highly qualified staff must be dealt with by the government and this is something that we will continue to highlight.”